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Becoming an HSI was a 12-year initiative that started in 2007 leading to Metropolitan State University of Denver receiving designation during the Spring of 2019. It has been a privilege to lead our continued HSI Initiatives in partnership with the HSI Committee that consists of colleagues across divisions and academic colleges who are committed to serving our Latinx students with intentionality, 同时保持皇冠官网网站为所有学生服务的承诺. MSU Denver aspires to become a model 西班牙裔服务机构 by creating and sustaining initiatives that support students as they achieve their academic goals and prepare for their careers. 皇冠官网网站继续皇冠官网网站的恒指之旅, I invite you to learn more about MSU Denver’s HSI initiatives and I look forward to our continued work as a collective community.

Becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution: The 12-year road to earning federal designation

2007年,时任校长的斯蒂芬·乔丹(Stephen Jordan)博士.D., launched an HSI initiative designed to increase Hispanic/Latina/o/x enrollment to 25 percent of our student body, including having a specific percent of our degree-seeking students eligible for Title IV funding. Back then, Hispanic/Latina/o/x  made up close to 20 percent of Colorado’s population; yet MSU Denver’s student body was only 13 percent Hispanic/Latina/o/x . 皇冠官网网站的重点一直是教育科罗拉多的学生, 所以皇冠官网网站努力确保皇冠官网网站的学生群体反映了科罗拉多州的人民, 尤其是丹佛市区的县. With a starting point of 12.2008年西班牙裔/拉丁裔/非裔的入学率为5%, 皇冠官网网站在2018年秋季达到了所需的25%基准, with 26.4 percent. 2019年2月,皇冠官网网站以5家公司获得恒生指数指定,469名西班牙裔/拉丁裔/非裔学生入学, 比科罗拉多州其他任何高等教育机构都要多.

An HSI Task Force consisting of six working groups or sub-committees was eventually created in 2007, 由路易斯·托雷斯和朱迪·迪亚兹·博纳奎斯蒂领衔, with each team focused on a different theme or topic related to Hispanic/Latina/o/x students.  每一组的主题都包括体制基础设施, pre k-12 education, 转学和入学(包括继续入学), financial aid, policy focusing on curriculum, faculty, and staff development, and cultural competence).

In 2012, a recommendation came out of the HSI Task Force in response to the reality of a tuition structure that required undocumented students – who had lived in Colorado for most their lives and attended high school in Colorado – to pay out of state tuition. 为了应对这种不公平的现实, we restructured our tuition requirements so that they could afford and gain access to higher education. At its June 2012 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a far-reaching and especially significant tuition plan, “科罗拉多州高中/普通教育文凭学费费率”, 仅略高于州内学费, 允许无证学生进入密歇根州立大学丹佛分校. 在董事会的领导下, a year later, Colorado lawmakers passed the ASSET bill which provides qualified undocumented students with in-state tuition at all public universities throughout the state. 是科罗拉多州一所经济实惠的四年制大学, as well as an institution that believes every student deserves an opportunity to be educated, 无论是当时还是现在,丹佛州立大学都是所有学生的明确选择, 包括成为许多DACA学生的明确选择. 2016年,密歇根州立大学丹佛分校的HSI工作组发布了一份报告, CONNECTING THE DOTS: Report and Recommendations of Metropolitan State University of Denver’s 西班牙裔服务机构 Task Force.

密歇根州立大学丹佛分校的HSI地位使所有密歇根州立大学丹佛分校的学生受益, 不仅仅是那些认为自己是西班牙裔/拉丁裔/非裔/非裔的人. Although HSI designation places importance on retaining and graduating our Hispanic/Latina/o/x students, it also provides opportunities to create and implement better and more effective practices aimed at retaining and graduating ALL our students. Our designation allows the University to be eligible to compete for and receive federal funds, including multi-million-dollar grants designed to encourage educational access and degree completion, increase graduation rates, 发展与社区大学的合作关系, 促进接受高等教育的机会, 加强制度建设. 有些机构要求与其他少数族裔服务机构合作.

Presently, MSU Denver continues to serve the highest number of Hispanic/Latina/o/x students among institutions of higher education in the state of Colorado, at 5,843, 占密歇根州立大学丹佛分校注册学生总数的31%. 这包括所有本科生和研究生. Within the last two years MSU Denver’s Hispanic/Latina/o/x student body increased by 3 percent, 比科罗拉多州22%的西班牙裔/拉丁裔/非裔多6%. Thirty-eight percent of enrolled Hispanic/Latina/o/x students attend part-time while the other 62 percent are enrolled full-time. 60%的研究生和37%的本科生参加非全日制课程, 剩下的学生参加全日制课程.

The benefits of our HSI designation are something we are still learning as MSU Denver’s designation as an HSI by the Department of Education is a recent one. Since becoming an HSI, 密歇根州立大学丹佛分校一直在努力从结构上推进这项工作.  这包括成为几个国家的一部分, state, and local organizations focused on addressing the advancement of Hispanic/Latina/o/x issues in education and beyond, such as student access, support, success, and careers.  MSU Denver is a member of the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE), Excelencia in Education, 西班牙裔学院和大学协会, 科罗拉多西班牙裔商会, 和科罗拉多拉丁教育促进联盟(CoCEAL).

In October 2019, MSU Denver has been awarded one HSI Post Baccalaureate Grant in Nutrition Program aimed at promoting opportunities for Latina/o and encourages access and enrollment of Hispanic/Latina/o/x Students to graduate school. Since June 2020, the University received $2,765,922 from the HSI/MSI CARES Act as a Covid-19 grant.

During AY 2019-20, 多样性和包容性办公室创建了DEIC(多样性), Equity and Inclusion Council), 旨在研究多样性的团体, inclusion, and equity issues at MSU Denver with respect to policy and practice from multiple perspectives and across different functionalities. This includes access, recruitment and retention, 社区修复和扩展到内部和外部的不同成分, 校园气候和制度文化, and HSI Synergy and Integration Efforts (a renewed and restructured version of the HSI Task Force). Now anchored within conversations aimed at strategic thinking and diversity planning within context of HSI. 恒生指数团队的部分职责是及时了解和检查问题, trends, 以及与恒生指数倡议有关的宣传, programs and services. 这包括:(1)提高法律意识, regulations, policies that have potential impact on HSI funding and designation; (2) Strengthen process and criteria for the identification and prioritization of HSI grants; (3) Benchmark HSI effective and impactful practices for consideration.

HSI Grants

Being designated as an HSI the university is eligible to apply for additional grants and funding from the federal government. 看看密歇根州立大学丹佛分校到目前为止用这笔资金做了什么.

HSI Grants

Advocacy Efforts

MSU Denver participated in several advocacy efforts relating to our designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. 这些工作是在州和联邦一级与其他方面合作进行的.


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