参观 恶劣天气程序网页 for specific information about closure or delayed start procedures and impacts on work and class schedules. 



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用手机拨打303-556-5000 为奥瑞亚警察紧急调度服务. Dialing 911 from a cell phone will call 丹佛 Police Dispatch, which may cause a delayed response.

从校园电话里, 拨打911 澳瑞亚警察. 这包括设在办公室、教室和休息室的固定电话.  

Text-a-Tip: 720 - 593提示(8477). 这是一种谨慎地向奥瑞亚警察报告可疑活动的方法. Text-a-Tip is also a way for those with hearing or speech loss to reach 的 ACPD by phone. 照片可以随短信一起发送. 

恶劣天气线: 1-877-556-3637

心理健康/受害者援助危机热线: 303-615-9911

心理咨询中心: 303-615-9988

Auraria的保健中心: 303-615-9999



短信提示:720 - 593提示(8477)






  • 保护生命和财产
  • 侦查罪案
  • 法律法规的执行
  • 调查
  • 交通管制
  • 楼宇及设施保安



1. 注册紧急通知并立即遵循所有指示

的re are several means of communication used to notify 的 entire campus community of an imminent or in-progress emergency. 其中包括紧急通知系统(ENS), 通过校园电话广播信息, 大学的电子邮件和提醒 密歇根州立大学丹佛分校主页

学生,教师和工作人员也将被通知 Auraria高等教育中心 about campus crimes that are not emergencies but fall within 的 parameters of a Campus Safety Report/Police Report, in compliance with 的 “Timely Notice” provisions of 的 Federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

的 ENS will send immediate notification text messages and emails when 的re is imminent danger, 比如校园里的活跃枪手, 火灾或龙卷风. This also includes campus closure due to 恶劣天气, including snowstorms. 


2. AHEC紧急程序手册熟悉应急程序和资源

紧急程序单张 is a one-page quick guide for responses to nine emergencies that you are encouraged to download and post.

More information on campus safety and crisis preparedness is avai实验室le on 的 Auraria校园应急计划和程序网页.

3. 浏览并收藏此网页

Please take a moment to review 的 information on this website so that you’re informed of 的 communications and services that are avai实验室le.


  • 紧急情况包括恶劣天气, 火, 可疑的物体和人,炸弹威胁或活跃的枪手. 重要的是,你不仅要熟悉 Auraria校园紧急程序, but also your department’s emergency procedures in 的 case an emergency should occur.
  • 下载 部门紧急程序计划模板. This document helps 密歇根州立大学丹佛 departments to develop a solid plan of action for shelter, 疏散, 集会点, 以及紧急情况下的紧急联系人名单.
  • 的 Department of 设施 is responsible for emergency preparedness and procedures templates. If you would like assistance with developing your Departmental 应急程序 Plan, 请随时致电303-615-1699与设施联系 (电子邮件保护).



  • If you are ever unsure if a 火 alarm is a drill or a real event, always evacuate 的 building. 检查你的手机. 真实事件将伴随着紧急通知.
  • 千万不要忽视火灾警报,至少知道两种离开大楼的方法.
  • 留下所有不必要的物品.
  • Follow 实验室oratory specific safety protocols and secure hazardous or dangerous materials or equipment.
  • 如果火警响起, immediately proceed to 的 nearest exit in a safe and orderly manner (do not run). 避免使用电梯.
  • 后退出, proceed to 的 designated evacuation 集会点 or move to a safe location 300 feet away.
  • 对所有学生进行问责点名, 教师, 还有你教室里的员工, 实验室, 或者办公空间.
  • 留在疏散集合点. 在紧急救援人员的指示下不要再进入大楼.
  • 为残障人士提供无障碍和功能性需求, 请支持并使用伙伴制. Ga的r at designated location and notify ACPD (303-556-5000) of your location.



皇冠体育官网紧急通知系统(ENS), RAVE移动安全提供的系统, is a communications tool that plays a critical role in keeping people safe before, 在校园发生紧急事件期间和之后.

作为一名学生, 教员或职员, you will contacted in a campus emergency via email and text message (if you have provided a mobile device number) through 密歇根州立大学丹佛’s ENS.

Auraria校区的所有机构都是这个系统的一部分, which will also alert you if 的re is a campus closure due to 恶劣天气.


  • 添加或更新移动设备号码
  • 添加其他电子邮件地址以接收警报



For question regarding RAVE Alerts and 的 ENS system please contact 的 ITS Helpdesk at: 支持.tecno-man.net 或致电303-352-7548.



和ENS一起, 密歇根州立大学丹佛 follows 的 Auraria高等教育中心 campus emergency preparedness procedures, 政策和标准.
Auraria的电话通知系统也用于紧急情况, 向所有校园电话发送广播信息.

激活ENS系统后, 的 密歇根州立大学丹佛 Marketing and Communications office will implement 的 following procedures:

  1. Information about 的 “EMERGENCY ALERT IN PROGRESS” will be displayed on 的 密歇根州立大学丹佛分校主页  as a virtual notification.
  2. 虚拟观众将通过Facebook和Twitter账户收到通知.
  3. Faculty, staff and students will receive an urgent email message to 的ir tecno-man.net地址.

除了, 教师 and staff are asked to assist with emergency notification through verbal announcements in 的ir classrooms and 实验室s.

一旦警报被有关部门解除, 的 “EMERGENCY ALERT IN PROGRESS” information will be removed from 的 University homepage.



You will receive an ENS RAVE alert text message/email in 的 event of campus closure or delayed start. 访问皇冠官网网站的恶劣天气程序页的完整信息.



For up-to-date crime reporting information for Auraria Campus follow link to Current Daily Crime Log and Timely Warnings Log managed by 的 Auraria 校园警察 Department (ACPD) linked below.

有关皇冠体育官网犯罪统计的更多信息, 过程, and procedures related to Clery Act download 的 most recent 密歇根州立大学丹佛 Annual Security Report from 的 校园犯罪报告 page below.